Universal Moo Duk Kwan Academy is based in Malaysia and is a member of World Moo Duk Kwan General Federation Moo Duk Won Korea. The Universal Moo Duk Kwan Academy Malaysia group and movement in Malaysia is spearheaded by Grand Master Leow Cheng Koon (Tang Soo Do 9th Dan & Kukkiwon 8th Dan), Head Instructors, Instructors and members from all over Malaysia.

Universal Moo Duk Kwan Academy Malaysia is committed to promoting and maintaining the traditional values of Martial Art Taekwondo, while continuing to work with various national and state organizations governing the sport aspect of Taekwondo in Malaysia. Universal Moo Duk Kwan Academy Malaysia is an independent Martial Art Taekwondo organization and at Universal Moo Duk Kwan Academy Malaysia we’re returning to the values of the Martial Way, or Mudo: virtue, valour, victory, courage, honour, wisdom, compassion, respect etc.

Virtues lived and exhibited in the perilous journey that is daily living, not merely in the heat of physical combat. That, ultimately is what Mudo aims at cultivating in its practitioners. People of Virtue, of Valour, and of Victory and that is what Universal Moo Duk Kwan Academy is absolutely and unequivocally committed to.

In a day and age of compromise and political correctness (not to mention expediency), one needs to take a stand for something in order to pass on the legacy of the masters that had come before us, lest their contributions and legacy be lost to the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortunes”, outrageous fortunes created by the whims and fancies spawned by the greed of men.

Somebody needs to take a stand. And we, at Universal Moo Duk Kwan Academy Malaysia, are taking that stand. We’re taking a stand for principles, for integrity, for honor, and for victory. Victory governed and tempered by all the preceding values.

At the same time, while we value and are committed to passing on the lessons and history of the past, we are not Luddites, shunning the changing world around us, clinging only to the dead past. We are progressive and innovative, adapting to the flow of change in a modern world that is sometimes changing too fast, while continuing to value the good and the ethical.

As for our training methods, we combine the best of the traditional and the modern. For example, people of long ago could afford to spend two hours travelling on foot to their martial arts class (and think nothing of it) whereas nowadays, people can’t spend two minutes waiting in traffic without throwing a fit.

Likewise, people today prefer their training to be fast, easy and convenient — but still tough. Many don’t want to spend months and years to earn a belt. They want their self-defence lessons now: immediate, effective and fun.