Registration No. 168653-W

Universal Moo Duk Kwan Academy (UMDKA) is a non-profit martial art Taekwondo organization based in Malaysia. Chief Instructor C K Leow (8th) Dan of UMDKA is an Associate Member of KUKKIWON martial art Membership System (Reg. No. RO2-737) in Korea.

GM Leow Cheng Koon ( 9th Dan ) is appointed as the Chief Instructor and Federal Technical Director in Malaysia by the WORLD MOO DUK KWAN General Federation Tae Kwon Do on 28th December 2004.
With our registered Instructors, we inculcate the values of martial arts and give a helping hand to those in need and to achieve freedom and independence.

UMDKA propagates the Martial Way, or MUDO which encapsulates virtue, valor, victory, honor, wisdom, compassion,respect etc.


  1. To promote the Korean traditional martial art and to affiliate with other martial art organizations.
  2. To organize Courses, Seminars or Training as required upon request and to issue Participation Certificates.
  3. To appoint Zone Coordinators for implementing technical directives.
  4. To have a register of Instructors, Black belts and POOMS.
  5. The Chief Instructor and their Assistants of the registered Academy upon approval , shall have an agreement with the UMDKA Chief Instructor on a yearly basis.
  6. The approved Chief Instructors and their respective Instructors shall abide the rules and regulations of UMDKA.
  7. The UMDKA Logo and Phrase “MOO DUK KWAN” is registered with the Perbadanan Harta Intelek Malaysia and as such is protected under trademark laws of Malaysia.
  8. Save in circumstances where written authority has been given by the Chief Instructor of UMDKA, no person or body can use or pass off the symbol, emblem or logo and carryout any activity as a registered black belt, or Instructor on behalf of UMDKA.



  1.  The logo and phrase MOO DUK KWAN is the registered trade mark of UMDKA.
  2.  The logo must be depicted on the upper front uniform of all participants whose Academy/Chief Instructor is approved and registered with UMDKA.
  3. The UMDKA registered Logos must be obtained from UMDKA only.
  4. The registered Instructor must at all times wear black pants and white tops in teaching or attending courses/seminars where wearing uniforms is compulsory. It is optional for their respective students if they choose to wear the white Taekwondo DOBOK.
  5. All classes and/or trainings conducted by the respective Academies /Clubs, Courses/Seminars, tournaments, social gatherings or Head Instructors are NOT under the responsibility or purview of UMDKA. The respective Academies/Clubs and/or Head Instructors are solely responsible and liable for any misconduct and/or misdemeanor and/or reckless behavior and/or negligence and/or any form of harassment or physical injury.


  1. Grading is NOT compulsory and Chief Instructors must recommend the participants who intend to take the upgrading and contribute a fee to Malaysia MOO DUK KWAN Sport Association (Sports Organization).
  2. The approved Grading Format and Syllabus shall be used for all grading.
  3. The venue for Grading and Courses must be clean and safe for participation.
  4. The Examiners table must be covered with a clean white cloth and the UMDKA and Academy logos must be hung at the front of the table.
  5. The previous grading list must also be presented.
  6. The table must have a potable ringing bell, a ruler, a writing pen and drinking water if need be.


  1. All Instructors/POOMS present must be in uniform.
  2. All Instructors must wear black pants and white Taekwondo tops.
  3. All black belts or POOMS, who profess to be UMDKA Instructors in the future, must attend the respective ZONE COURSES.

Zone Coordinators

a)Zone coordinators are periodically assessed and appointed by the Chief Instructor of UMDKA.
b) They must ensure that the Chief Instructors have and upgrading for their students periodically and make a contribution to MDKSTA (Malaysia MOO DUK KWAn Sport Taekwondo Association)
c) Coordinators for Zones are as follows:

No. Zones Allocations Coordinators
1. Northern Zone Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak and Kelantan. Master Yong Ah Wah/ Kathy Ang
2. Central Zone Selangor, Wilayah Persekutuan, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka and Pahang. Master Dr. Selva
3. Southern Zone Johor Master Chong Wai
4. East Malaysia FT Labuan, Sarawak and Sabah Master Chan Kin Wing

Chief Instructors

a) Chief Instructors are valid if their Academy is officially registered with SSM document.
Head Instructors and/or Instructors who are appointed shall abide to the rightdecorum and shall apply to renew their annual registration of UMDKA by 31st January of each calendar year. The UMDKA reserves the right to accept or reject these applications. Renewals are not notified and can be made by obtaining the official forms at our website before sending the document to the Chief Instructor of UMDKA.
b) All Chief Instructors/Instructors registered with UMDKA must coordinate with their respective ZONE COORDINATORS to upgrade their knowledge of procedures and directives.
c) Appointments to UMDKA will be those who have renewed their annual registration by 31st January of each calendar year.
RENEWAL FORMS can be obtained from our website:
d) The annual UMDKA Course.
a)  All Instructors must be registered to attend the Course.
They must present their UMDKA card when registering as participants in all courses/seminars. It acts as an          Identity Card in all UMDKA occasions.
b) Those Instructors who attend will receive the ‘INSTRUCTORS CARD’ and an Instructors Certificate. This              list will also be to the Education Departments.
c) Those Black Belts and POOMS who attend for added knowledge will receive a Certificate of Participation.
d) Those Instructors who did not attend but renewed their yearly.
e) Registration (upon recommendation by the Zone Coordinators) will receive the annual ‘Black Belt’ card.

  As a responsible Instructor, always conduct yourself in a manner that is befitting of your martial art and                 Academy. This is an obligation.